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What is a product name generator?

More than 30,000 new product launches occur in the United States annually, according to statistics from the Harvard Business School. Around 80 percent of them fail. Some statistics show up to 95 new products fail. 

Many of those new products are food and beverages. New food industry products hit a peak in 2016 but have since been declining. Non-food new products decreased from 2013 until 2015 but started increasing in 2016. 

Statistics show how competitive new product launches are. That makes picking the right name for your new product incredibly important. You need a name that will generate interest and is easy to remember. It also needs to be a name others aren’t using. 

This is where a product name generator is handy. It can offer you tons of creative options that are legally viable. A product name generator with a name search function also keeps you out of legal trouble because name availability is checked before you register the name. 

Using a product name generator is quick and easy. All you do is type in some words associated with your product and it will list name options for you to use. Entrepreneurs who see a catchy name should register it right away because good names don’t last long. Your best name could be gone if you don’t act quickly. A product name generator will allow for immediate registration. 

Many generators will also look into domain availability as well. With domain name suggestions in hand, you can register the product name and have a domain ready to go all in one stop. 

Why should I use a product name generator?

Branding experts say using a product name generator is ideal for small businesses and startups for several reasons:

It's fast

Entrepreneurs don't have time to spend searching online to see how a potential name can be optimized or if it can legally be used. A product name generator will give you names in minutes, even seconds, allowing you to spend your time doing other things.


It takes a highly creative person to brainstorm unique name ideas. A product name generator gives you creative names almost instantly. It's a great brainstorming tool as you look over all the choices.

Avoids confusion

Many product names can be too similar and that confuses customers. A product name generator limits you to names that are legally available and unused so your product can project a clear message that stands alone.

Questions to ask when selecting a product name

Picking a good product name involves some introspection. After all, this is a product you will be promoting for years. It will be core to your brand. It needs a name that represents it well. Here are some questions every product entrepreneur needs to ask themselves before picking a name.

  • How well does this name represent my product?
  • Is this a name I can live with forever?
  • How does this name convey the message I want to send to consumers?
  • How will this name work with marketing, optimization, branding, social media?
  • Is this name too similar to other competing products?
  • Can I trademark this name?
  • How will this name work with other elements of my business such as blogging, e-commerce, online presence, and in-person sales?
  • Is this name easy to say and spell?

Developing a product naming strategy

Developing a product name strategy is as important as picking the name. There are at least five aspects to consider when looking at names for your product. 

  1. The potential of the product name with the rest of your branding is a big deal. The name needs to work with your brand identity and should have a future in growth. 
  2. The marketing potential of the product name is an important consideration. Your future customers should be attracted to the product name. You want them to repeat it often. Knowing your audience helps you figure this out. 
  3. Visibility is another consideration. Your product name should be easy to pull up online and should be a name that is easy to put everywhere. It should also look good on brochures as well as on billboards and in television ads.
  4. It is important to have a name with distinction. It needs to stand out against competitors and lots of other offerings that people see online and in everyday life.
  5. One aspect people looking at product names don’t think about is scalability. A new business owner needs to consider whether their product is going to be sold solely on a local level or is it going to go global. Another consideration is whether it is part of a product line or will be sold as an independent item. 

Tips for brainstorming product names

Picking the right name is important as it is the first step in branding your product. Here are some tips to get you thinking. 

Any name should be writable and easily read

Don’t use any strange spellings. People need to be able to write it down to Google it. They need to be able to pronounce it to tell their friends. Stay simple. 

Keep it short and punchy

Longer names are harder for people to remember. A punchy name stays in people’s heads. An example of a short, simple punchy name is My Pillow. It has grown to be one of the most recognized brands of sleep products in America. 

Yet, the name shows what it does. It’s a product that customizes your sleep so you are comfortable. 

Make it unique

This is a most difficult task in these times of thousands of products, so make sure your product name is unique in your industry. Setting a unique name will help in online searches and will make it easier to get a domain name. 

One reason it is difficult to pick a unique name is people try too hard to be creative. A unique name should flow naturally. It can be unique in spelling, alliteration, or in its simplicity.

Evoke emotions, ideas, or feelings

A name that brings out a feeling or emotion will be more memorable than sterile-sounding names. People remember how they feel and easily associate products with feelings. This will also help brand your product with more positivity. 

A great name sounds cool when you say it and looks good when written. 

Some business owners pick names without sounding them out first or writing them down to see how they look like a sign or logo. This is a bad idea. Some names look odd when written out or sound weird when spoken. That tends to lead to jokes and ridicule. There was a leotard company that came out with a great new design for a one-piece leotard for exercise and dance. The marketing team and owners were thinking about global marketing when they chose the name Euro-tard. 

They didn’t sound it out before they trademarked it, so saying it left some people giggling and others offended. However, they were committed to the name by that time so they worked off of it and were highly successful despite the early mistake.

The lesson is to make sure your product name looks and sounds good across the board. 

Common problems with naming products

Entrepreneurs and product inventors will run into three major problems when trying to come up with a name for a launch. 

The name is already taken

This is the most common problem. Many names sound great and appear to describe the product only for inventors to find it is already being used by another product. Worse yet, it may have been used in the past by a product that failed. 

The name is too challenging

Entrepreneurs often try so hard to be creative they initially come up with a name that is hard to find for consumers to grasp, say or write. 

The name denotes something not intended

Sometimes, entrepreneurs come up with a name that accidentally denotes a message of feeling not intended by the inventor. They may not be thinking of the connotation of words after they run together or maybe they sound different when they are spoken.

How to register a product name

Using a product name generator

Using a product name generator is the easiest way to pick and register a product name. A product name generator will give you many options to choose from and all you have to do is pick one. 

You simply enter words into the search bar on a name generator site and possible names flow out. 

Trademarking your product name

Once you get a good product name, it is a good idea to go ahead and trademark it as well as register it. You can use a trademark attorney to do this. 

Another option is to use an online legal company to help you trademark your product. You can do this yourself by downloading an application from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) online at, filling it out or printing it to mail in, and paying the filing fee. 

Registering it with any state or professional organization

Some products require state or licensing registration with other entities. This is particularly true with food, beverages, and medical products. Registering it with the state or professional groups doesn’t protect your name as a trademark but does help identify your product professionally. 

Realize that others may still use versions of your name for their products, even if yours is trademarked. As long as they don’t use the exact name or a logo that is similar to yours, they can legally use a similar name. 

Some names are questionable and challenging them would depend on who has the better lawyers. There was a case where a teenager developed a clothing line called South Butt and branded it as an alternative to North Face. The North Face company sued him over trademark issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are product names important?

A product name is a foundation for setting the product image in people’s minds. It is the first step in branding and will be used in marketing, making the product name a long-term decision that holds significant importance.

Product names also help customers understand what the product does. This can help overcome any obstacles to buying the product. In the end, people buy products they understand and know will solve a problem they currently have. Complicated names don’t tell the customer the product will solve a problem. 

Be sure to look at the product from a customer’s point of view. What is the first thing you would ask if you are a customer? What would make you feel comfortable buying this product?

Understanding how your potential customers view your product is key in picking a name that will attract them to what you are offering.

How do I use a product name generator?

Using a product name generator is super easy. All you need to do is find the search box on the product name generator’s main page and type in several words you want to be associated with your product. The generator will then produce a series of names.

How do I know when a product name generator is the best one?

There are many to choose from and all have some advantages and disadvantages. The best thing to do is to look at reviews for the different product name generators to see what others say before picking one. 

A good name generator will have two primary features. First, it will be easy to use. Second, it will produce a good amount of name options without overwhelming you. Some may generate hundreds of names and that may be too many to consider. However, some inventors may like having that many choices. 

What do I do if the name I want is taken?

You have two or three options if the name you want is taken. The first option is to change the spelling slightly. This is a good option as long as the name still conveys the right idea and remains easy to spell and pronounce. 

A second option is to change one or two words to change the name. This works if the changes still work with the original language to convey the same idea as the original name. It can be a troublesome thing if the changes completely change the meaning or become confusing. Sometimes, a simple change like spelling it differently will be enough to create a new, distinctive product name. 

A third option is to completely start over with an entirely different name. Starting over is never fun, but sometimes is necessary. This is particularly true if all the name you or your team is coming up with seems to be taken by other companies.

Can I make changes to a name I like from the product name generator?

Those who like a name the generator provides but want to tweak it are free to do so. You will need to put the tweaked name into the search engine to see if it is taken and register it if it isn’t. This may take a few efforts to get the name exactly right, but it’s a great way to generate even more business name ideas. 

How do I know I’ve picked the right product name?

There isn’t a sure way to know the name you pick is the perfect name until you use it. Those who do all their diligent research will select a name that fits the product the way it is expected. 

Some people spend so much time researching that they never proceed with picking an actual name. That stalls the project. There comes a point when you just have to make a decision, go with your gut, and plan for the best.

Need help in naming your business or mobile app?

There are many different name generators out there. You can use a brand name generator, business name generator, company name generator, or a mobile app name generator. These tools will all provide a list of names that can help you set up your business and find the perfect business name.