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What is a Podcast Name Generator?

For those looking for a great way to communicate with their audience, a podcast may be the answer. Many people enjoy listening to podcasts because it’s something they can do on-the-go. They can listen to a podcast at work, in the car, waiting at the airport, or even while taking a shower. 

There are more podcasts out there than ever before, providing people with a lot of choices when it comes to what they should listen to. Because the landscape is already competitive, the name of a podcast is going to be the first touchpoint with a listening audience. Of course, if the podcast is not named appropriately, it is going to struggle to gain a regular listening audience. With so many podcast names taken, how can creators select a strong name? A podcast generator may be helpful. 

Name generators typically do the following:

  1. Help brainstorm name ideas, quickly
  2. Check name availability
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Why Use a Podcast Name Generator?

it is important to check domain availability. Even though users can do this manually, this is time-consuming. A podcast generator can help with brainstorming a potential brand name for the podcast. 

Those who are looking for potential names can use a podcast name generator to enter their preferred name. Then, the generator will help come up with other names that potential listeners may like based on that name. Even though the preferred name may be taken, there could be synonyms that can help them endear themselves to their subscribers. Whether they are looking for a creative name, descriptive names, or some other great name, a generator tool can help you reach out to new listeners. Even though they may not be able to find the perfect name, because it could already be taken, there are great names out there for a new podcast.


There is a good chance that the target audience is going to use search engines (or iTunes and Spotify) when they are looking for a potential podcast. So it's important to think about SEO. A podcast name generator will help users develop a strong podcast title based on the podcast topic.


A podcast generator can provide users with many options in the blink of an eye.


A generator can automatically check available names against the ones that have already been taken.

Tips for Naming a Podcast

Similar to generating a blog name for blogging, there are several tips that users need to follow if they are thinking about starting a podcast in an effort to make money. 

Bring Out the Tone and Personality

Podcast creators need to bring out their personality when they are trying to name the podcast. It may seem like there’s a podcast for just about anything on the internet. Creating a memorable, interesting, and unique name for the podcast can seem difficult. When starting the naming process, they need to find out what the core of the podcast content is going to be. What type of information is the podcast going to cover?

For example, if users are creating a sports podcast, do they want to strike a serious note such as, “The Fight for Equality in Women’s Sports?” Or, do they want to pick a lighter name, such as, “The Not Top Plays This Week in Sports?” Clearly, these names are very different. 

Think About The Target Audience

Think about who is going to be listening to the podcast. Some of the factors to consider include the interest of the audience, why they should listen to the show, and why the show is relevant to them. When developing a name for the show, select a couple of words that will tell listeners what the podcast about. The name needs to capture their curiosity and pique their interest. Think about writing down a list of phrases or keywords that might be relevant to your industry. Use this to create a list of the best potential names. 

Consider Timeliness

If the podcast is going to be educational in nature or is going to focus on the news, users may want to allude to how long an episode of the podcast is going to be. Many people are going to think about whether they actually have time to listen to the podcast before they click the play button. For example, if the name of the podcast something like, “The Rapidfire News Minute,” this lets the audience know that the podcast is going to be relatively short. On the other hand, if you name your podcast something like, “An In-Depth Look at Astrophysics This Week,” the audience is going to know that the podcast is a bit longer. That way, the audience will budget enough time to actually listen to the entire episode. 

Check the Availability of the Domain

Next, users also have to check the availability of the domain. Unfortunately, a lot of good podcast names that already been taken. The same is true of website names. As your podcast continues to grow, users may want to try to make money by directing them to the website. The name of the podcast and the name of your website have to go hand-in-hand. Therefore, before users decide on the name of the podcast, they should check the availability of the domain name. That way, users do not mistakenly direct their listeners to a separate website. Users certainly don’t want to be generating more traffic for their competitors. 

Keep Your Podcast Name Short

Even though users might be tempted to go with some long, flowing, fancy name, they should want to keep the name of the podcast relatively short. Users might also want to consider wordplay. If the name of the podcast is too long, the audience is going to have a hard time remembering it. Therefore, when in doubt, go for a shorter podcast name. 

Avoid Intentional Misspellings 

Even though users might think it is cute to intentionally misspell the name of the podcast, this is only going to make it harder to find. Most people are going to remember the name if it is spelled correctly. If users intentionally spell the name of the podcast incorrectly, this is simply going to make it more challenging for the target audience to find the channel. 

When users are trying to come up with a name for their podcast, these are a few of the most important tips that they should consider. When users think about these issues ahead of time, they will place themselves in the best position possible to be successful. Remember that if users are having trouble developing a name for the podcast, it might be a good idea to use a name generator. Once you have a name for your podcast, it is time to register it. 

How To Register the a Podcast Name: Step-by-Step

A lot of people decide to register the name of their podcast along with their website domain name. In a lot of situations, it is possible to register the name of the podcast and the name of your website domain through a hosting company. Some of the steps that users need to follow to get their name registered include: 

  1. Decide on a Hosting Company: First, users need to decide on which hosting company they are going to use, such as GoDaddy. These companies streamline the process and make it easier to register the website name with ease. 
  2. Create an Account: Next, users need to create an account with that hosting company. Usually, they will ask the user to sign up with an email, username, and password. Then, owners can use their services to register the domain. 
  3. Check the Availability of the Domain: After users are finished creating an account, they can locate the search box. Then, they can enter the domain they want to use for the podcast and website. The hosting service should check the availability of the name for you. Once users have entered their preferred show name, they will let the user know if it is available. 
  4. Register the Name: Finally, the hosting service will register the website name for the user. They simply need to input their payment method, such as a credit card, and they will take care of the rest. Then, users can get started creating your podcast! 

Even though it might take a few minutes to register the name of the domain and podcast, it is certainly worth it. Users do not want someone else to be able to take the name of your podcast or website. The sooner you register your website and podcast, the better you will be able to protect your intellectual property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a special extension for the domain of my podcast? 

Right now, there is not a separate extension for podcast websites. For example, if you are looking for something with an extension such as “.pod” or “.cast,” this simply is not a thing. Therefore, go with a typical online name extension that will make it easy for your audience to remember. Most people use the .com extension. 

Should I use numbers or symbols in the name of my podcast? 

Just as you are generating a domain name for your website, you should try to stay away from numbers or symbols. These are simply harder for people to remember. A lot of your target audience will not remember if they should spell out the number or actually use the number in the name of your podcast. In addition, if you use a lot of dashes, underscores, and hyphens, this could make your podcast and website look a little bit shady. 

How specific do I need to make the name of my podcast? 

You certainly want the members of your audience to be able to figure out what your podcast is about. On the other hand, you also don’t want to pigeonhole yourself. Think about how narrow the name of the podcast is. Then, think about how the topics of your podcast may grow over time. You want the name of the podcast to be able to scale with your audience. 

Do I need to consider copyright and trademark issues when I develop a name for my podcast? 

You certainly want to think about copyright and trademark issues when you are developing a name for your podcast. For example, if someone has already copyrighted or trademarked the name of their podcast, you do not want to end up with a lawsuit. Furthermore, even if the name is not copyrighted, you don’t want to make money off your podcast similar to someone else’s. Otherwise, you could end up unknowingly directly more traffic to their social media podcast instead of yours.